The A1 Hamburg exhibition hall, empty and from the inside
Home Insight Behind the scenes

Visitors see exhibitions from the official opening through to the final bell on the last day. For exhibitors, a trade fair lasts a little longer. But at HMC we work all year round on the exhibition grounds and in our offices – even when it looks like nothing is happening. We will show you how an exhibition comes about, from the first idea through the premiere and from the first truck until the ticket booths open.

The home² is one of our newest trade fairs and provides a platform for products and services related to the construction, purchase or modernization of real estate. In the following video you can see which departments are typically involved in designing, planning and preparing the exhibition and how they work together.

The SMM is one of HMC’s leading exhibitions and a global meeting point for the maritime sector. Here you can see how a major trade show is assembled and comes to life.

You can watch a complete report on the SMM (in German) here